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  • Make one of these with an imager that has a global shutter, and I will love you forever!

  • These are sealed ball bearings, but they are not flanged. Either the pictures are incorrect, or the description for the product is.

  • Hmmm... Looks like the article link is broken.

  • If anyone is still having problems getting AHRS code that works well for this, CH Robotics sells similar devices with open-source firmware: http://www.chrobotics.com/

    Browse to the product page and click "Resources." You should see a link to the firmware source code there. It also has support for GPS packet parsing, so that could be helpful as well.

  • I got one of these things down below -20 F by connecting the hot side to a water-cooled CPU heatsink: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181015
    I accidentally "burnt" my finger on the cold side... it still sort of hurts, actually...
    This was with a +12V input from a computer power supply.
    By comparison, using the CPU fan recommended by Sparkfun, I could only get the cold side down to +38 F - that's a 60 degree difference! Good cooling is essential.

  • More bits = higher resolution. :P At 10-bits, the noise floor of the A/D converter is probably higher than the noise floor of the actual rate gyros... but I am too lazy to say for sure.

  • They can be good; the problem is complicated, though. You can't just run the servos with a pre-programmed motion script; you need touch sensors and torque sensors on the legs, and a "smart" algorithm that perceives the terrain and makes an appropriate control action.

  • The ADIS16400 is not a single chip - it is an IMU with an aluminum enclosure and a ribbon cable connector.

  • These chips now cost $20.00 each from the manufacturer!

  • ST has a dual-axis (pitch and roll) gyro that is similarly priced. Cheap gyros = cool new toys!

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