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  • I bought a cheap, old 'scope and found that the O-Clock output was mirrored. I had no luck finding a suitable hardware solution so I tackled changing the firmware to invert the X-channel voltage. It turned out to be just a couple of lines. Details and photos in this flickr set

  • OK, may be a silly question, but the board seems to have white paint around the pin contacts where I'd expect to see copper. Do I just ignore it and solder as normal? It vapourises??

  • yes you can set the contrast, see p14 of the datasheet, the "Set Vop" cmd seems to control contrast

  • 1) don't give up
    2) read every posting
    3) follow every link
    4) try every suggestion
    I have mine working now! The secret was oz-solutions's linked-to observation about the second code example which does more initialisation. I suspect that the default contrast etc makes the screen blank.

  • Well I tried cluening's voltage divider and still nothing so I suspect, like Skye, I have a dud. The board is a little warped

  • I've followed the linked-to Arduino example and I get nothing on the display. Should it just work without any other components? The link mentions a possible cap on VOUT but there's no such pin. Googling has suggested my Duemilanove's digital pins will be @5V but I need 3.3V?
    I have connected LCD:Arduino as
    DN(MOSI):4 is this "SDIN"??
    any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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