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David Varney

Member Since: December 24, 2010

Country: United States

  • Is there a data sheet for this? Links? Anything? I would like more detailed info on it's dimensions. Also, is there any help for hooking this up to an Arduino?

  • If I wanted to redesign this board using pins 6,7, and 8 instead of 3,5, and 6 would this cause any issues? I'm assuming that there wouldn't be any issues but I just wanted to double-check with the community here. I'm asking because I want to use this shield with the Mux Shield but the Mux Shield uses pins 2,3,4, and 5 and as you can see there is an overlap with pins 3 and 5. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Does anybody have any straight forward directions/tutorial/or anything else on connecting this up to an Arduino UNO? I'm new to all of this and I can't find anything telling me how to hook this up, in layman's terms. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • After waiting for what seems like forever the setup actually worked for the TinyGPS example. Could somebody point me towards some better examples with this TinyGPS library and/or a method of which works quicker?

  • I too am having the same issue as Smolders. The quick test is working but I get no results with the TinyGPS Library. I get no errors when I compile and I've made sure my connections are 100%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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