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  • Has anyone tried this product with the 850mAh Li-Ion battery with success?

  • We've got the fun, but the spark went missing.

  • The Microchip eval board runs at ~$170.....

  • So I can't speak for Sparkfun, but just from my own experience with pcb purchases, 25 bucks for the board isn't to terrible considering that they only made ~200. Also take into account that they need to pay someone to design the board, and that cost is also most likely incorporated into a run of ~200 and Sparkfun is a business, so they at least need to make some amount of profit on the boards......I don't have their cost break downs, but you are paying for having a lot of information all in one place to help you get up and running, personally, I think its a bit of a steal at $50.....

  • It's all in the wrists

  • What's the matter, kid? You never had Lily Pads?

  • Just curious folks, but is there any interest in a similar Arduino shield for Single Wire CAN which is usually used by General Motors for GMLAN?

  • Guys if you are interested in what I modified to get the IOIO to work with the Thunderbolt go to the google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?pli=1#!topic/ioio-users/pW0wlUQnlUI

    Also, If someone else with a different HTC that can't get it to work with the IOIO could try these changes and see if it works that would be great!

  • Ok guys, so after about a month of monkeying around with my Thunderbolt and losing count of how many times I factory reset the stupid phone I got it working with bluetooth and the IOIO. I've hacked my way through Ytai's code to get this working so it isn't pretty but I will post once I clean it up so that others can use it.

  • I was able to get a basic app working on the Thunderbolt, I haven't actually plugged in the IOIO yet.

    EDIT - So I did some searching after reading this post. Looks like you can't connect via USB to the Thunderbolt, however Bluetooth should work fine, I'm getting to the point that I'll test it, just busy with the real world....