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  • I was wondering the same thing. However, looking at the docs and diagrams it does not appear that they can be used this way (device to device). Sort of hard to tell how these can be used differently than the original flavor. For instance, can these be used for an actual WiFi internet connection or only for xbee communication to other units and the “Device Cloud”?

  • Why always a contest as to which language is better? They all have their advantages and disadvantages but in the end are just tools to get the/a job done. End of story.
    National Instruments has done a great job with LabVIEW over many years. It continues to get better and better (granted, with a faster and faster processor). C is tight and clean and has been around forever and probably always will be. It comes down to a left/right brain thing. Use it if you like it, otherwise don’t.

  • Just a suggestion, but I think SF should make a breakout board for these as well carry rubber nubs.

  • When will these be back in stock? ;-)

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