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  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    This is great! Thank you so much for the work! Your tutorial is really helpful!

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    I’ll check it out! Thank you!

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    Thank you so much for the quick responses! It really does mean a lot!

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    Further, this thing defaults to 720p! There is no way (as of yet) to get the board to run at 1080p. I’ve modified the hell out of the xorg.conf and it fails because the /dev/fb0 is set somewhere in the (difficult to modify) boot configuration to be 1280x720!


    Back to hammering away at the Raspberry Pi I guess… at least until the lima driver (http://limadriver.org/) guys bend over backwards to reverse engineer ARM’s stupid, proprietary silicon…

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    This board has the same issue the Raspberry Pi does! The video drivers SUCK!

    The Mali-400 driver seems to just wrap the fbdev at /dev/fb0! This means NO hardware acceleration!

    What the hell!? This is the downfall of ALL of these boards in my opinion! Why can’t these companies just give us solid device drivers!?!?

    Everyone runs X! Everyone wants hardware acceleration in the UI! There is no point in having GNOME MPlayer on the desktop because it WILL NOT play video!!

    What a let down!

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    Sorry! I was wrong about the reset button! I’m editing the previous post now…

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    So I just glanced at the “Arduino” directories that come on this thing… and here’s an example of what it’s doing behind the scenes:

    Say you want to call digitalWrite(0, HIGH). This is what the libraries do:

    system(“echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/pin/0”);

    Basically, it’s using the system() function from stdlib.h (http://linux.die.net/man/3/system) to echo a 1 into that GPIO pins file. All of the “Arduino” library stuff works this way.

    Will it work? I guess so… Is it clean? Well…

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    So far, I am LOVING this board! It is SO much easier to get up and running then the Raspberry Pi. Plus, it’s faster and it’s headers make a hell of a lot more sense.

    Yes, I had to do the HDMI fix. Once done, I can use an Apple HDMI-to-DVI adaptor on an old Samsung SyncMaster 243T LCD with no problem.

    I’m running it off of the same power supply I was using with the Raspberry Pi, an iPhone USB wall charger and a Sparkfun Cerberus USB cable. No problems so far

    Yes, I can play video in youtube… but it’s a bit jerky… Though I’m not sure if that’s my internet connection or not. I’ll be doing a bit more research over the next day or so.

    To power cycle the thing, you can run sudo shutdown -h now … and then press the reset button to reboot the board. This is a LOT nicer then the Raspberry Pi’s power solution. Once you drop the Pi to halt, you can’t get it back unless you physically power cycle the thing. Bleh. 10 second shutdown or so…. pretty nice :)

    A little less then 30 seconds for a cold boot. And at least 10 seconds of that looks like X getting off the ground. I haven’t actually checked that though… It would be nice if we could figure out how to get textual boot on these things… anyone?

    SSH is NOT running by default! dnsmasq (on port 53) is the only thing running on it by default.

    I suggest getting some standoffs for this thing… It’s got a good number of chips on the bottom of it… and having it up off the table is probably a pretty good idea. It’d be great if someone could throw together a simple Thingiverse plexiglass case/bottom plate for the thing…

    [EDIT] THIS IS WRONG: “Hitting the reset button seems to do an APCI reboot. Not just a cold reset like the Arduino’s reset button does… So that’s good!”

    The Reset button DOES do a hard reset! Don’t press it unless your system hangs!

    The screensaver on mine doesn’t start “very quickly” after first boot… so I don’t know why people are seeing that but whatever.

    And, finally, YES it will boot all the way to a desktop with JUST an HDMI and power cable plugged in!

    I love this thing! Now if only sparkfun had a “car computer power supply” that would run off of 12 volts and not fry during a starter motor crank…

  • Product COM-00215 | about a year ago

    I wish there were more tutorials for these things…

    I’m currently working with Microchip’s MPLAB X under OSX with the xc8 compiler. I’m using a PicKit 3 as a programmer. I’ve made good progress towards getting the software UART implementation working and will write up a tutorial on it once I get it a bit more stable.

    These chips are pretty cool for such a small device! Too bad there isn’t an Arduino/Wiring type IDE for them…

  • Product TOL-08938 | about a year ago

    If you’re looking for a cheap logic analyzer, don’t forget about the Bus Pirate!

    It can be used for small captures as described here: http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Logic_analyzer_mode

    I have been using it to capture serial data from a PIC12F683 software UART implementation and it’s good enough to accurately capture at least one character at 9600 baud. I’m sure it can be used for a lot more but since I’m just getting into it, this is as far as I’ve pushed it. Pretty good for such a cheap solution!

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