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  • Hah! this is awesome. I remember hearing them online last year and thinking, "Hey those guys are pretty good" I'm glad they decided to make it legit. Now Sparkfun can say that they're temporarily a record company =P

  • Wow, this is a great article to show people how open source can help revolutionize the way we think about the world. No longer are we hindered or hidden from information.

    Information should be available to anybody that wants to access it, be it a hardware schematic to a new Bill being passed by your local legislature. I think the idea of Open Source is contagious, and once you see the true beauty in it it can spread like wildfire =)

  • Since it is a version of the arduino pro you guys should also have the jst plug in so we can also hook it up using li-poly batteries

  • Except for the added fact that u have a WizNet W5100 and The big hole on the side to put an Ethernet cable...
    But other than that ur right! lol thats kinda the point of an arduino pro...

  • That's kinda why its called an arduino pro?
    just like this one: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9219
    But with an Wiznet W5100 on it... makes sense?

  • So you power it with 5v and then send signals to it with 3.3v right?

  • Wow this really helps!!! i've been working on a project like this for almost a month now and it's good to have something to work from!
    defenatley getting it!

  • omg that would be awsome!!! not an srduino shield but just a whole kit!! maybe a way to help people learn how to communicate via radio waves or even just a good smd project =)

  • wasn't it just in the last post how they said that we (the sparkfun community) are also a bunch of Grammer Nazi's? =) lol

  • Omg! this is awsome! imagine the things you could do with this, you could have like a phone call or a text message control you car, or you could connect a blutooth device and have voice recongition. Even make you phone control all of the world around you! thats awsome! i can'y wait to get one

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