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  • Great tutorial! I was able to get this to work for the Arduino Pro board (not the mini, 5V) with the series 1 XBees.
    I wanted to mention that it's possible to program the bootloader using only the 5V USB to FTDI cable.
    Follow this site's instructions except the physical connections:
    You're gonna want to modify the config file it has you download to include this paragraph:
    #arduino pro
    id = "ardpro";
    desc = "Arduino Pro BitBang";
    type = ft245r;
    miso = 3; # CTS Brown -> D12
    sck = 0; # TXD Orange -> D13
    mosi = 1; # RXD Yellow -> D11
    reset = 2; # RTS Green -> RESET
    *Note you may want to copy and paste the diecilima section because the GUI program is sensitive to correct whitespaces. Sorry for double spacing the above this comment section would have combined it to 1 line otherwise. It should be single spaced in the config, again just look at the diecilima programmer section as an example.
    After that connect with some wire the pins from the cable to the ports on the board as shown in the config. Don't forget to connect black to GND and red to VCC.
    Finally, finish following the instructions to burn the wireless bootloader .hex file from this tutorial.
    *Note: Make sure you select the right programmer: "Arduino Pro BitBang", CPU: "ATMega328", and fuse settings: "DA", "FF", "00".
    I hope this helps those new who don't have the ISP programmers.

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