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  • Well here's the value, say you need one of these, and your buying a really nifty BOB, but you don't need to do a digikey order and with digikey you're looking at 5-10 for shipping, so for $1.7 extra you can save 5 on the shipping. I don't know about you, but I go to Digikey and the like for large orders of generic stuff, I made one large order from them and haven't bought from them since, I figure 500 1k resistor wouldn't be much, now I know it's a life time supply =P Spark fun has a niche. the various extra stuff they carry isn't that niche but it's a convenience that I love because I know that this is the thermistor that will work for 99.99% of my thermistor needs I'll gladly pay that extra $1.7 than having to sort through 12,732 results for thermistor. Haters gonna hate.

  • I'm using these to power a 8 port D-Link switch next to my home's patch pannel, it's in a closet i don't have power in yet. the run might be 35-40 ft. and i'm using it's original power supply. seems most smaller switches, routers, arduino devices are great for these.

  • You know in the last 50 year bigger and better things have been made, but a transistor is a transistor,even if it's its a tin can or SMD. I find that the older references tend to be just as enlightening as the newer stuff with out being boged down with the latest gismos. Personally if your really just starting This book is great, it will help with the basis with out getting terribly complicated right off the bat, and it come with a lot of basic project that are breadboard friendly.

  • Usually this is pluged into a GPIO attached to an interupt and interpreted by software, I couldn't tell you how the PI works but that would get you closer then trying to read it like a Serial Communications stream

  • you might look at the SIS-2 IC CHIP. looks pretty straight forward from there.

  • HD44780 is more a standard that a chipset at this point. there are tons of different chipsets that use the same protocols. like how people say "allen wrench" instend of saying hex key. HD44780 is the LCD equivilent of X86 instruction set. the cool think is you can lean how to use the 16x2, and then use the same code on everything from 8x1 to 40x4 displays.

  • make sure the power for the LCD, LED and Contrast are switched by the mosfet.

  • will this work attached to the top of a box with the inards pointing down?

  • With a vast supply of cheep ipod shuffle cables out there this would be a slightly noisier but more robust usb connector for a project.

  • Man, there is always the greedy guy. Do you not understand the amount of money it costs to design, develop, produce, test, supply and then support a product? all of those processes are "invisable" costs. Don't forget building maintance and everything else. Sure Spark fun could produce cheeper products, but the cost to you might be more than those hard earned 13 dollars. Knowing a little about this subject r&d costs can eat the profit out of the first 1000+ units of a product. And since sparkfun actually continues development of a products after it sells, that fact could be higher. $20 for a dev board isn't bad, expecially since a basic wifi sheild is staggeringly more expensive all around.