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Raspberry Pi

Building a functioning BMO handheld game console using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Pro Micro.

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Wherein we put several sensors through their paces against this year's course.

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Actobotics Basic Differential Platform

December 22, 2014

Get started with Actobotics with this simple vehicle. Then expand and customize it for your own evil robot empire.
  • I think it would be futile for me to resist!

  • I just ran a 30-degree angle test with the MaxSonar EZ4 and WR sensors and was getting resolution off of our test hay bales. Your mileage may vary. We aren't planning on adding any additional navigational aides at this time.

    The ramp (not the one on the Discombobulator) is about 48" wide and 64" long with an elevation change of 6". You may dodge this ramp if you'd prefer. The location will be at the end of the long straightaway on the "easy" course, but the actual placement will be subject to change at any point before the race. (I don't think we'll be moving it between heats, but I make NO guarantee of that.)

    The Discombobulator has a 72" wide by 48" long on-ramp with about a 6.5" elevation change. The off-ramp is similar, but slightly lower (~5.5" elevation change) The wheel will likely turn at the same monstrous speed as last year, but there will be a tweak to the design that may discourage jumping. Some elements of design are still ongoing. The Discombobulator will not be avoidable if you choose the "hard" path at the second junction.

  • I added a summary of the oblique test results. I included a capture of the stream so you can see the data this time.

  • I added a brief summary of the oblique test above

  • Sorry for the delay folks.

    I ran an oblique case with approximately a 30-degree angle of attack.

    Each sensor indicated a significant change in readings except the Sharp IR, which indicated a very slight change. The serial data was captured and saved to a .txt and added to the GitHub Repo

    I hope this helps.

  • We have not done any tests at obliques. We can build up a test case for various angles of attack and report back to you, as our duties permit (may take a few days to get to).

  • It looks like we will be using hay bales for both PRS and AVC.

    Unfortunately, the data was just streaming serially and not captured, so there isn't a log file for the test as seen on the video.

  • Thanks for the heads up. You are correct. The screws are 9mm-long M4

  • Sorry about that. The tubes appeared to be in the list when I checked. But you are right about the clips. They are not presently available on the storefront. However there is a link in the tutorial for the .dxf design file. I recommend laser-cutting them from 1/8" Delrin, but 1/8" ABS was used in these photos.

  • The wishlist with all the parts can be found here. The wishlist tallies the cost of all the pieces used in the build including boards and batteries.

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