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  • You talked about recycling etc in a previous post, just like to give the opinion that I think you have excess packaging on that 8 Ohm speaker.

    Dick Smith in NZ used to sell them in a small cardboard box. Easily recyclable\degradable etc.

    Excess packaging is always a good waste of resources.

  • The idea this year wasn't great, I sat there for 6 hours and got nothing, but that's just the risk you are willing to take.

    But it's only their 3rd try, it's not like they've had 50 years experience in making really good free day competitions!

    I liked the quiz last year but a bit sad that it was hard to get to.

    Here's my idea: A Captcha-fest first, then if you get through that, you enter the quiz. $10 per question x10 but it's TIMED at a minute or two for each question... so no time to be lame and search google, if you answer a question correctly you get the money, if you answer wrong or time out, you get nothing and it goes to the next question. At the end you get the money you got right, the rest stays in the pool. Most likely make it so the quiz is only enterable once, too.

    Captcha would reduce load on the servers and the following timed Quiz would make it require skill and actual thought, and a reason to make people learn things ;)

  • The display will potentially have its own power supply... heh heh

  • The Sparkfun ones will be on the higher end of the quality spectrum though. Some of the eBay ones will be rubbish.

    However, there are some pretty good ones you can get on eBay, just keep looking!

    Alternatively, try this guy: http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/202930/210288815-403454437/free-shipping-HAKKO-936-ESD-SAFE-iron-Soldering-Station-220V-10-tips-wholesale.html

    Good seller, and his site says he will ship to Kuwait. I don't think you need to use Paypal either.

  • I hope I win, it will make a nice birthday present ;)

  • I was given a Duratech version of this station a year ago (came from Jaycar)
    I also have a pair of Scope 25 watt irons (no temperature control) that I have used for the past 8 years. For through-hole work they are perfect. For all but the largest SMD parts the tips are a bit big.
    Compared to those irons, the 936 copies have:
    Pros: The iron is lighter, the cable more flexible.
    It heats up faster than my old irons, and there is a wider selection of tips for it. Since there are many of these under different brand names, you can buy pretty much any spare you need from eBay or multiple shops. Variable temperature.
    Cons: Cheaper quality than my Scope irons, I suspect something will break before the Scopes do. No idea how accurate the temperature control is, I don't think I would trust it for anything critical (which kind of makes it pointless unless you can check the calibration).
    Despite the larger range of tips, they are still lacking some I would like to buy for it (Eg: 0.5mm Chisel)
    Note: I make no claim that the Sparkfun iron sold here has the problems that mine does. It may not, but I assume it is very similar to mine.

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