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  • For the last time guys... Ghostbusters proton packs are NOT responsible for the "sparks" in sparkfuns website/products... Thats the customers doint it!!!!

  • thank you robert

  • If only there was a "like" button apart from "reply" and "report" :-D

  • Our new Radioaactive gamma suit also comes with a space for a backup driver..
    Exhibit A : Under such circumstances when prolonged exposure to the green radioactive renders you incapable of moving, another human can then get into the pillion/driving/walking assist seat and navigate you...
    If i can just get into the suit without killing myself.....

  • A Bit late i suppose for these kind of questions
    But i have had one sitting in my desk for ages...
    and i would like to just use it...
    i do have a GPS LNA 661AS but i was wondering if i could use it with any of maxims GPS LNA?
    ( You just have to love Maxim and TI for their sample support program)
    I have currently MAX2655, 2659 and a MAX12000 for this purpose
    and i wanted to confirm that one of these could be used as a replacement for the LNA661 before i even started the schematic/layout
    Thanks in advance

  • I always wondered why this Salea analyzer when you can have an openlogic sniffer with twice the performance for half the price.....

  • @chris
    will you adopt me?
    hi5 to charlie for the awesome job

  • a long time since the last comment but nevertheless
    i picked one up with the connector from the store.
    A great deal must say getting the lcd for $29.95
    Dare i ask for a brief tutorial or a walkthrough
    I see there is one website given below
    but i d prefer one more simple..
    I can think of atleast four applications right now where i can use this..
    Cant wait till i get the knock of the postman on the front door with this package...

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