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  • I am having a lot of trouble with the microSD shield. I am still relatively new to physical computing but did most of the inventor’s kit.
    I have an Arduino Uno and microSD shield from SparkFun. I just bought a Kingston 4 GB microSD HC class 4 card. I don’t know if it matters, but I am using a MacBook computer. I formatted the SD card to FAT16 using the instructions here:
    After putting on the shield with the stackable header pins and putting in the SD card, I tried the library at
    and code at
    But this did not write anything to the card.
    I also changed
    pinMode(10, OUTPUT)
    pinMode(8, OUTPUT)
    but this didn’t do anything. I don’t understand why the pinMode of pin 10 should since the shield routes from pin 8. This was unclear in the tutorial.
    Finally, I tried the library at
    And there are examples in there. These did not work either.
    Something that seems strange to me is that in, ArduinoPins.h is only set for the Mega and not the Uno. Could this be the source of my problems? Any other possibilities?

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