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  • Just a friendly suggestion, for the next version, it might helpful for people trying to use this with 3.3V controllers to add an unpopulated 2 pin header for the 3.3V side of the i2c bus. I had to solder some tiny wires to mine...

  • Any thoughts about why the grid doesn't have column/row labels? Might be handy for laying out the circuit.

  • I was looking for a more advanced kit to replace some of the things I bought as a beginner and I came across this page. Is there any idea when a replacement item might be available? This literally has just about everything I want.

  • I believe the answer is yes, but might depend on internal wiring, but can someone verify if these (and maybe the other panels SparkFun sells) can be cabled in series (to up the voltage) and/or parallel (to up the amperage?)

  • The engineers are asking the dinosaur for directions. The dog knows the way, but isn't telling them because they wouldn't let him have any barbecue last night. The dinosaur however, has a tiny brain, so it's taking them forever to get the directions.

  • This was my first year as a Sparkfun customer and my first Free Day celebration. About 30mins to an hour of filling out captcha after captcha, I finally got one! Cleared out one of my wishlists. Thanks guys for a great site, great stuff and $100 of free stuff.

  • I've been meaning to try my hand at recoding the LCD Library to use the SPI library, but I haven't had the time to look into it and I'm still relatively new to the whole thing.

  • I've noticed the same issue. After a little bit of noodling, I think it might be linked to the way that the LCD's code is accessing the LCD vs. what is expected. Out of curiosity, are you also including the Ethernet library when you hook up the ethernet shield?
    Also, the LCD shares a pin with the Ethernet shield (pin 4 for switch/button 2). The ioinit code for the LCD seems to set this pin as an Input which, from reading on the Ethernet Shield, might make the SD card slot angry. Not sure how angry, but perhaps angry enough to upset the controller/communications. Removing that and setting it as Output doesn't seem to help much. I can get it to display some stuff, but as soon as I start using the Ethernet library, everything goes off to never-never land. I am wondering if that has to do with the Ethernet library coded to use the SPI library and the LCD library coded to send hard bytes over the SPI bus...