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  • G'day guys,
    Finally tracked down the (Run-time error '10048' Address in use) problem. It appears National Instruments Domain Service takes control of the port at bootup. If you go into msconfig and deselect 'National Instruments Domain Service' from the 'services' pane and then reboot you can connect to the WIZNET config tool.
    Note that a response from WIZNET help indicated that by ending LKCITDL.exe, LKADS.exe and LKTSRV.exe in task manager (NI related I beleive) would solve it - it didn't, I had to boot with the domain service deselected. Hope this helps!
    p.s. if you still have problems maybe deselect all NI stuff, or remove it (although I can't get by without LabView...) or run a port scanner etc...

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