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  • no matter what ! i placed an order for an unit !!! let me see what they ship !

  • high 5

  • and an other one too 50% less carbohydrates
    Pine-fresh scent **
    and to top it all
    **Quantum State switch allows for simultaneous ON/OFF operation (until the state of the device is observed)

  • Is this some kind of april fool joke ? every single line of description looks funny for example "Also, weighing in at a mere 5 pounds (mostly due to the heavy isotopes in the reactor core), it's the perfect weight and size for portable devices, hobby flyers and pet tracking. However, when activated, the anti-gravity unit will efficiently reduce the weight down to 3.76 picograms" i don't get it !!!!

  • please guys help me! i have arduino uno and would this be all that is needed to send sms via arduino?
    any other suggestions on better modules or any other additional stuff (however the SMA to u.FL connector is not- as mentioned)to get it up and running.
    note: i need only the sms not any gprs stuff.
    thank you.

  • can this be interface with arduino uno and be programmed to send sms? please reply.
    thank you.

  • is there any way that the outputs could be configured so that two different boards are recognised as unique that is to present some sort of differentiation between two of the same modules?

  • i would like to receive data from 6 dof razor imu and send it to arduino pro mini via xbee, but confused which xbee to buy?
    can anyone help me out? the range is short range only!

  • is this compatible with xbee or zigbee or any other wireless like bluetooth? if not please tell me a good imu + wireless solution!
    is razor 9 dof + bluetooth mate ok?
    i need to make a 3d mouse pointing device using that!
    please help thanks.