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  • Thanks though im going to buy a new driver and motor, and if that doesn't work, Then its me messing up somewhere. If so, ill just use the extra parts in another project thanks

  • Theres just layers to everything. Not every driver of a car has to know how to build the engine under the hood. Why? Because maybe that particular driver is a Doctor? and he has a whole other skill set that he concentrates on thats important within his paradigm, a skill set thats not important to a Mechanic who practices repairing engines. So the Doctor uses the car to drive to his office. A means to an end. The same when the mechanic goes to his office when hes sick. A means to an end. Everybody has an end, and everybody uses a means to get there with.

  • Nah.. no change.. Doesn't look like i have a split board because i set the 12v+ on one end of the power rail and then linked it to the ED (EvilDriver) on the opposite far end, and it still powered up

  • yeah, same exact code and wiring as Dan. I get the same clicking after commenting out MS and MS2. i've tried so many things that it just seems like something fundamental.. i have a short video clip of me soldering if by any chance it has something to do with that? it being my first time soldering and all

  • No luck.. i did start to get a Succesion of motor beeps though, three low in volume but high in pitch beeps. i get that when i disconnect the arduino ground

  • it was actually hard for me to get those readings. First i was doing it with the power on, which i found out i shouldn't. but odd thing was when the power was on, i was taking the reading and the motor started to move. whats that mean? However, the subsequent readings i got before and after the power was off were between 30-40 ohms. Those Terminals im using are from radioshack http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102861# The spacing is .19 so i just bent it .01. I did that to test to see if the problem was with the Spring Sparkfun terminals i bought.

  • oh thanks for helping, i posted some photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/55011272@N02/
    i tried so many things i was starting to think maybe its my solder points? It being the first thing i've soldered and all. they seem good though. yes i have Blue-Yellow left and Green-red on the right, and have tried everyother combination as well, in despiration of course. The motor does lock when the powers on... which i read is good? The motor also gets hot and i can feel it clicking in response to Dans Code when he turns Sleep from High- low -high.

  • cant get it too work for the life of me. i set it up like http://danthompsonsblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/easydriver-42-tutorial.html - The only thing the motor responds to is when SLEEP is changed from low to high, and thats a dull hum at best. sigh any ideas?

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