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  • Be careful if you use this on a breakout board! The bent over surface mounting ends of the pins can short to the metal case on the GPS module when it is pressed in. I ended up using a through hole part (DigiKey p/n S9015E-05-ND) on my breakout board.

  • Is this for the GS407 as well?

  • Lumiblades look sweet!! When will we be able to buy them from SparkFun?

  • Sweet!! It would be nice if you offered an 8 pin version for the FV-M8 (formerly the EB-85A) that was 1 foot long. Those tiny pins are tough to deal with!

  • I ordered 455-1398-ND for housings and 455-1561-1-ND for female contacts. I have not been able to crimp them on yet. The crimps are soooo small and when I do get a wire attached I cannot get them into the housing. Good luck getting the wires attached and if you have any tips or tricks please post them.