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  • The lack of support for BT/BLE via Arduino IDE is a bummer. For Arduino folks like me, it means this board essentially doesn’t have BT/BLE.

  • I’d like side-by-side list of the differences between the Thing Dev Board and the Thing. I didn’t notice the Dev doesn’t have a LiPo charger (yes, I see that lack is mentioned in the description). Is the following the complete list of differences? LiPo Charger: yes Thing / not Dev; FTDI interface: yes Dev / Not Thing; Pre-soldered headers: yes Dev / not Thing.

  • Me too. The version number is printed on the bottom of the Nano. Mine says “RedBear BLE Nano V1.5”.

  • It would be really helpful to point out on the product page that the programmer requires a USB extension cable (not a normal USB cable). If I hadn’t found one in the bottom of my cable drawer, I probably would be throwing a little tantrum about now. I’m looking forward to lighting this thing up.

  • “Fresh brains roasting on an open fire / Zombies nipping at your nose / Undead carols being sung by a pyre / and Walkers dressed in bloody clothes….”

  • Nick learned something new about Shawn while testing the Arduino-based “They LIve” glasses.

  • After 3 weeks, Shawn is declared the winner of the Sparkfun Mannequin Challenge.

  • Is the board Open Source? I see a prominent copyright notice in the photo.

  • What’s the story on availability of this part? I’ve just finished a Dog Bed Scale using this part, and started on a Dog Water Bowl Scale using the same part - lucky me I ordered an extra. Is it obsoleted? Will you be replacing it? It’d break my heart to find my two Open Source designs use an unavailable part. I see several customers had trouble getting it wired up, but I think that issue could be overcome as more people publish their projects that use it.

    A Wheatstone bridge amplifier is a basic piece of sensor technology - please make it available again.

  • I found the Load Sensor a bit tricky to mount properly, so I eventually designed a 3D printed part to hold it to a wooden support block. It’s loadsensorholder.FCStd/.stl, part of my Dog Bed Weight Scale github at

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