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  • Basically having info on the pins that are located in the center of the board. It'd be nice info to have for those less technically inclined. For instance, A1 (aka pin 15) corresponds to the rotary encoder green LED pin, A3 (aka pin 17) is the rotary encoder B channel, pin 3 is the encoder's A channel, pin 4 is the encoder's switch pin, pin 5 is the blue LED on the encoder, and pin 10 is the red LED on the encoder. The reason I believe this is useful is because if you want to use more than the 5 "trigger" pins and don't want to use a rotary encoder. In a pinch, you could maybe also use the MOSI, MISO, and SCK pins in the ISP header area. To the untrained eye, it looks like there is only 5 pins available for use, when there may be as many as 14. Because the rotary encoder field isn't silkscreened, maybe provide a photo with some leader lines pointing out what Arduino pins these are. Just my two cents :)

  • It would be useful to have pinout information for the board itself apart from the 5 trigger pins at the board's perimeter. It's possible to map them out with the schematic, a datasheet for the LED rotary encoder, and the code examples, but it'd be nice to have that info easily available in the documents section above. This is an awesome product. Thanks :)

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