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Angelo Pappano

Member Since: December 30, 2010

Country: United States


I teach Entertainment Engineering in high school. I focus on mechanical and electronics fabrication, programming using Arduino and Python, and motion control with CNC and PLC's. I also make fun stuff like guitars and I break things. Often.

  • PLEASE (if possible) change your power plugs and USB to thru hole!! the students I work with (6-12th) are destroying them when they fall off of tables. Especially the young kids.

  • Whatever you choose, I am +1 for auto-ranging! as a teacher, it does dumb things down a little for the kids, but it buys us LOTS of time by eliminating the "oh, oops" factor when i have to constantly troubleshoot their meters.

  • Hey Nate! Any interest in taking the S.I.K. Teacher Binder and turning it into a full set of teaching Powerpoint slides? I'd be willing to take the one I'm working on and work with you to make it official.

  • I have been teaching with your sparkfun inventor kits for the last 2 years as the head of an Entertainment Engineering program in high school. If you are looking for a stop in Las Vegas, NV to host your class, let me know! So excited you guys are doing this. Keep up the great work!

  • Any word oth the next order date? Make it a big one, I want to order about 30 for my classroom :)

  • RE: Note: Maybe if you just hold the remote upside down... no, wait. If you stand on your head... no... hmm..

  • ...and THAT is why COWS shouldn't give HAIRCUTS!! Don't apologize. I have to go build my cardboard fort.

  • I really like this, and with more teachers teaching electronics (it's a component in the curriculum for Project Lead the Way) I'd love to see you set up a weekend or week long workshop that covers like 10 of these classes. Teachers love to travel! :)

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