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  • Is this board needed to do specific functions with the XBee? Or can all the functionality of this board also be done with an Arduino?

  • Anyone know if the Servo - Large (ROB-09064) will work with this? The Medium Servo is back ordered.

  • Just saw your post after I submitted mine. Do you have some pictures or links you would like to share with the bending of the header pins? I was thinking about doing it myself, but thought it might be too tedious. But I am willing to give it a shot. Someone's finished setup with this method and some pictures would be helpful. Thanks.

  • I just got two of these and now I am trying to figure out the best way to mount them to a standard Radio Shack PCB. I thought I might be able to attach some header pins to the contacts, therefore creating a pseudo-through hole setup, but I am looking at them and the spacing is off. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Well I would like to have a cheap wireless solution... But you do not sell the receivers... What gives!?!