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  • Take a bite of the Lillipad MP3 Player. It’s better than Rasberry Pi. Message T/Rx’ed.

  • Desparate to get the new Jedi Mind Power helmet working in time for the next Sparkfun New Product Post, Victor turns to threats when trying to bend a piece of solder wire with his mind..."If you will not bend to my power, I will solder you!" or "We can do this the easy way or the hard way" or "Bend or Melt!" or "Bend or Burn!!"

  • I wanted to build a simple tempertaure data logger with a Picaxe and temp sensor.Has anyone used this with a Picaxe processor? If so, some sample code sure would be appreciated to save me the time. Thanks.

  • Bought 3 of these kits, one for me one for each of my boys. I designed a breadboard circuit that uses a picaxe 18m2 and a L293D motor controller to drive the motors. The picaxe also controls several sensors and LEDs. After hours of headache from it not working I've found I think I finally found the issue. The Picaxe has to have a different power supply than the motors. Each motor is drawing about 2 amps! It simply will not work when the Picaxe and motor controller are powered from the one 4 AA battery pack. Having to strap on a second 4 AA battery pack is going to be tricky, not to mention ugly. A simply and inexpensive robot project just got more complicated. Anybody else run into this problem?

  • "Wassup Robo-Gumby? Slap me some metal, bro!"

  • "Hi 2.0!" (2 halves of the claw and hand formed into two halves, appropriately)

  • What is the green stuff on the back? Appears that I would have to scrape it off to solder on the crew terminals. Is that right?

  • "I have to deliver this box to where?" Rising gas costs drive Sparkfun to find alternative methods of shipping.

  • I'll teach you to make another joke about killing puppies...I stole your favority red box!

  • Got my watchdog timer, how about you?

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