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  • Radio Shack used to sell a plastic version of this with the LED installed and the limiting resistor as well. Pretty easy to mount an LED in a project. Anything like that here ?

  • Just have to say, This device rocks.

    It's not going to hold up to anything strenuous but for soldering boards it's worth every penny. Totally awesome. This coupled with a magnifying lamp is the bee's knees for my old eyes and shaky hands.

  • There are times when I do not order from Sparkfun because they don't stock the 20x2. Instead I order from Solarbotics because they do carry it and I don't really care to pay extra for shipping if I don't have to. So I bundle up an order to hit the $100 minimum for Solarbotics. Those are orders I would be sending to Sparkfun because I like your overall selection better.

    If you want to do any serial work, the 20x2 is far better with a 128 character buffer. the 20x2 also incorporates the owin and owout commands if you want to do something besides measure temperature with 1-wire devices.

    It would be awesome if PICAXE would just combine the two into a single device that has all the advantages of both the x2 and the m2. (And then sparkfun would stock that chip) ;-) The 28x2 is that chip but at almost 2 times the price. The 20x2 is the best bargain in the picaxe line.

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