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Brandon James

Member Since: January 1, 2011

Country: United States

  • I love the whole idea of home automation and am looking forward to more updates on this project! I have 2 ideas for you. First, Some small Wifi device inside either a light switch or an electrical socket that you can remotely turn on and off the power. Wifi enables people to not have to run new cabling to their existing wall boxes. Second idea is an electrical panel, like the type you find in basements with the house’s circuit breakers. Could you setup some type of amp reading off each leg? Also you could have an on/off control for each leg if you wanted to shut off lights or other appliances.

  • From your Open-Source idea, I would definitely like to see an open source platform for home automation. I think it would be great if there were something I could swap a light switch out with a product that had both a switch, and the ability to remotely turn it on and off, using an electric imp or other wifi device. How about something that monitors your amp usage for all the wires coming out of your home’s circuit breaker box, maybe there you can also shut off power too. Big warning on high voltage part though…

  • What powers you ask? How about the power to detect height. That’s elevation homes!

  • Your AMA was great! I got 3 of my questions answered =) I have more so I’m looking forward to the next one!

  • New Product Friday, Angry Birds.

  • New company policy. You don’t go home. Here is your bed.

  • The secretive sombreroed solderer, the sassy spartan salesman and the crazy coding cowboy!

  • Times are tough, so low budget Christmas lights this year.