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  • Totally understandable, the layout looks great considering how much stuff is packed on there! I just wasn't sure if you were going to offer a header-less version like you do with other dev boards. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the Qwiic version. It's just unfortunate that these chips only offer 16 channels when a hexapod usually requires 18. Thanks!

  • It's the same controller. It can be used as a generic PWM driver so it'll work for servos as well as LEDs.

  • Any chance of getting one of these with right angle servo headers and broken out address pins so that you can have multiple chained together?

  • Can anyone provide comment as to whether the supply voltage influences the sensitivity of the receiver?

  • What's the difference between the new FreeSOC board and the old one? I didn't see any comparision in the product pages other than "a new version is available."

  • This is perfect! Any chance a similar (all in one with no supporting components) step-up is on the way? Preferably one that comes with adjustable or varying outputs.

  • Thanks for the transparency! I'm no web developer but I figured it'd be a fairly involved change. Good to know it's at least on the radar.

  • Do you guys have any plans on adding configuration options to your product pages? For most instances it's not necessary but for products with multiple different configuration (e.g. the Actobotics motors which have tons of different speed/torque configurations) it'd be nice to have a dropdown to select the configuration rather than different product pages for each one. That way reviews and comments could be collated together.

  • Is there a way to charge the series multiple charger/booster configuration without disconnecting them? I assume the grounds aren't isolated on the board so you'd have to either provide 10V split between the two USB ports or charge from two isolated 5V outputs, right?

  • I'm seeing an issue where the processor falls back into interpreter mode when I connect something to pin 12. After looking at the schematic it looks like this is an MTDI pin which has some special startup purpose? Is there anything I can do to allow me to use this pin?