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  • I’m seeing an issue where the processor falls back into interpreter mode when I connect something to pin 12. After looking at the schematic it looks like this is an MTDI pin which has some special startup purpose? Is there anything I can do to allow me to use this pin?

  • The Espressif CEO mentioned in a Facebook post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1499045113679103/permalink/1731855033731442/?hc_location=ufi) that the ESP32 and ESP8266 have 5v tolerant GPIO. Can you confirm that this is the case on the ESP32 Thing and a 5V input won’t fry anything?

  • I was trying to hack together an Alexa skill for my robotic vacuum project the other week, but this makes things much clearer. Thanks!

  • It seems implied by the video and description that these can be set up to make large banks of parallel batteries, however the comments from the other, standard Li-Ion batteries (the JST ones) suggest that they should not be placed in parallel unless the cells are carefully balanced. What sets these tabbed batteries apart from the JST ones in this regard?

  • I’m intrigued, the IR wavelength listed on the datasheet is 950nm which can theoretically pass through plastic. Is there any chance you could experiment and see if it’s possible to detect gestures through a thin 3D printed PLA sheet?

  • Do you have any rolling resistance information or rules of thumb for sizing motors for these wheels, e.g. what would be the torque required to drive a 10lb robot with two wheels?

  • These looked kind of jittery in the product video. Would you say these are stable enough for something like a biped or other legged robot, or would it look like me after too much coffee?

  • I see that one of the recommended products is your full rotation servo (ROB-09347). Do the screw holes on this wheel match up with one of the horns that come with the servo?

  • This is great! I’d love to see some tutorials for these. Also, is there a reason this is $15 more than on the Papilio website?