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  • Not the red wire! That will disconnect the speech fern gerbil logic texas. Nickle three paper hat smurf painter!

  • "This is why you cannot live under your desk ... Sooner or later you'll wake up with a tour group mocking you!"

  • My personal site is also in blackout mode. Slashdot (for whom I work) also blacked out out logo for the day, and posted a special anti SOPA/PIPA story in the number 1 position on the site all day.

  • This was my first free day, and I am rather new to this site.
    I didn't manage to get anything for free, due to the same factors others are complaining about...
    However, I really cannot justify for myself being angry about not getting stuff for free.
    I'm really just impressed, and grateful that an organization like this is willing (and able) to reward their customers with free stuff.
    I wish more companies in this world were as generous.

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