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  • I see that there has been provision for a 0.1" header, but there is only one GND pin. So If I want to add a jst connector for my 3.3v lipo input, there is no GND pin for my 5v output connector. Perhaps add another gnd pin? 1-4Vin GND GND 5V

  • @Spakfun: The Github link above (30/June/2014) shows the firmware was last updated 10 months ago. It also shows the old 10216 product photo and information. Can this be updated to reveal the most recent firmware, and can you please confirm that this new firmware is suitable with the V2 hardware (prod code10216) Fanks!

  • FYI, It appears that this device as it currently ships DOES NOT work with MicroSDHC cards, which is pretty much all that can be bought these days. You'll need to salvage a MicroSD card from an old phone to get it running. A very generous chap (Kwan) has created an updated firmware which allows MicroSD HC cards to work. Can I suggest sparkfun update the shipped firmware on this device to handle HC cards?!?!?! If you do buy one of these then read through (this first..)[https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?t=16539]

  • For anyone who is fiddling about trying to get their SD card reformatted to 2Gb or less on a windows system, it's slightly harder than right click/ format / properties... Follow this tutorial exactly and you'll be on your way.

  • What about the embodied energy within the parts materials, as well as energy required to manufacture the components, as well as carbon miles for the delivery of materials to the component manufacturer.. Most likely impossible to oversee stewardship of raw materials to finished product, but might also be able to be calculated.

    "Sustainable growth is 0%" So it would be better to fudge the numbers on the conservative side and return more to carbon sequestration than to overlook the energy involved in taking raw materials and turning them into a widget on my desk.

    Good work! I really enjoy seeing Sparkfun evolving with progressive business methodologies.

  • So does the R3 not come with any headers? The images on its product page show that it has headers.

  • Will this work with the el-sequencer?

  • Soooooooo shouldn't this be the V3?
    "Logomatic v3 Serial SD Datalogger"

  • Just wanna see if I have one too.

  • Wouldn't 660amps be better used melting the snow with a plasma gun?
    The resulting water turning back to ice might not be so pedestrian friendly I guess. Maybe 660amps is enough to turn snow to steam..

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