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  • This release is frustrating. I've come to depend on this component for a product I sell. Was there any heads up that you would be abandoning the old form factor? I now have to toss and redesign a batch of PCBs because the taller board ( for daisy chaining purposes?) won't fit.

  • I'm having a straaaange issue with this board. Strange indeed, yes.

    I moved to this board from an Uno. The circuit it's interfacing with remains essentially unchained.

    Part of said circuit is a little Piezo Buzzer. It produces the occasional beep. Which with the uno always sounded fine.

    The buzzer now sounds like it has a sore throat when powered from my 9 or 12 volt wall warts. (through the raw input). Strangely enough, it sounds just fine when powered over USB or directly by my benchtop variable power supply (spanning the 5-12v range).

    Any thoughts as to why? I probed the buzzed with a little oscilloscope and couldn't detect a marked difference in the readings.

  • Here's a simlpe 3D sketchup model for anyone rendering their boards in 3D. I am using a simple 8x1 header in my eagle board and associating it to this model with Eagleup (sketchup exporter) :

  • Rip away, it's just a protective film. I had the same worry, that it may be necessary for protection, but then I got brave and ripped it off, all is well.

  • I used this beauty for the interface on the slide scanner I built ( )

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