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  • Update! Board works great, and I experienced no problems with the screw terminals like MilesTag had. I now understand that Logic Level MOSFETs like these can be controlled with simple PWM, which makes the coding easy.
    However, I’m trying to run off-the-shelf Christmas lights (LEDs with built in rectifier), and I was wondering what anyone here thinks about me swapping out the 60v MOSFETS with 120v versions like the STP80NF12 ( http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/1025626-mosfet-n-ch-120v-80a-220-stp80nf12.html )and running off of AC power?

  • But 5 Arduinos could!
    There would be five battery-operated stations, controlled by one master Arduino to keep them in sync over a wireless network.

  • I think this is exactly what I need to run a custom LED Christmas light display (not for Christmas, though).
    But are there any sketches/tutorials/instructions?
    I’m under the belief that I can run 6 channels up to 8amps each through this by supplying 12v to the board (through a small car battery, for example) and then fade the LED strings up/down with PWM.
    I’d really, really like to see a sketch or tutorial before I buy one (hopefully 5, actually) though!
    Especially with my money form Free-Day!

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