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    I recently bought 2 USB weather boards, which I both still have problems with.
    Namely, when I first connect it to my com port through USB to serial converter I get correct reading. However, when I turn my computer off without closing the port and then turn the PC back on, I'm unable to access the port, because it remains closed.
    This is very strange and frustrating, since every serial connection, even if not closed properly, should release the port after resetting the PC, let alone physically turning it off and on.
    First I suspected the hardware, so bridged R7 (see schematics), because it seemed suspicious and because I don't use blueSMiRF. It worked for the first time on a different computer and then it died again (closed the port indefinitely).
    The second thing I tried with the hardware, I bridged the whole onboard USB to serial part with my own converter (with TTL levels). This time, it worked for the first two or three times and then it again closed the port indefinitely on that computer, so I can no longer read the values (also with Hyper Terminal).
    Did anybody experienced something like this before?
    Is there some software problem, reported elsewhere?
    Or some newer version of the software available?
    It really been annoying for too long time now, although the board seems nice.
    Best regards

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