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  • The nRF52840 supports the Thread protocol. Are there any libraries available for Arduino or Circuit Python for Thread communication?

  • I had the same idea when designing my clock's code: https://github.com/dwaq/Super7Seg/tree/master/Firmware-ESP32 Unfortunately it still isn't synchronized to sub-second accuracy. I want to dig deeper into the Time() library to see if there's anything I can do there, but I'll need to write my code in something a little better than the Arduino IDE.

  • I love it. I also have a small CRT that I was looking for a project for. I was thinking home automation status display but I think album art display is a much cooler idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Can you find a source for the ZD-915? I really want one but can't find a seller for one in the USA.

  • Do you sell your designs which you license as CC-BY-NC-SA? I personally list all my designs as CC BY 3.0 (even the ones I sell on Tindie) because they're not important to my livelihood. I sell them just so others have easier access to my designs. I don't put enough effort into them to make them into a viable business. Personally I think that as long as I'm not actively trying to make a business with an item, I'd be glad if someone else took the effort to do so. Designing an item is (not even) half the battle. Marketing, producing, shipping, etc is really where I see the most effort so someone deserves to make money there, even if the product they are selling is not of their own design.

  • Underneath the bed in this photo https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1400/1*VT8zmx72LXqSe37mgRbtCA.jpeg you'll see the piece that holds the belt which works well for me. you can pull it tight through and then loop it back around and it holds well. I've also added a binder clip across it to press onto the belt and it seems to help. But I still have to re-tighten the belt a few times a year.

  • I like that you took the opportunity to provide feedback to even those who did not make it all the way through. I wish that I knew what other companies that I've interviewed with that didn't hire me thought about me so I could strengthen my weaknesses as a person or even for the same company some time down the road.

  • I've been looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial for Alexa skills forever! This one is great. Thank you!

  • I've bought leads like these from a "freight" store for about the same price and the shroud was made of a terrible material that would slip off as you try to open the clip, making them a total pain to use. Are these shrouds made of the same material?

  • I just finished a project very similar to this for an art class I took at school http://tinkeringetc.blogspot.com/2013/07/adjustable-rgb-led-color-cube.html