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  • Bob; First SparkFun Pick 'n Place Pope

  • This entire comments section has been epic Sparkfun reading material (the Duck tape conversation was particularly good) however it wasn't until you brought up s'mores that I considered purchasing this item. Now I've got to have one.

  • Exactly which version of the sensor are on these boards? The MLX90614xCH has a FOV of ~20 deg, while the MLX90614xAA has a FOV of ~175 deg. That's a huge difference when you're trying to calculate spot area.

  • The Misumi 20mm extrusion is very nice. I'm using it in the construction of a MendelMax. They cut them perfectly, they arrived quickly, and were inexpensive.

    I've purchased 80/20 off of ebay in the past and my luck has been hit or miss. Some have been total crap, others passable. None have been the quality of Misumi though. YMMV.

    One of the benefits I can see to this MicroRax kit is that it's all inclusive. I ended up sourcing plates, screws and washers elsewhere, it wasn't expensive, but it was annoying.

  • Supposedly it still has a few months after that date. The stuff is totally addictive, once you start using it, well, it's hack'n'crack. ;)

  • On the batch I got, its on the back of each 5g pack, at the bottom. I ordered mine directly from the company some time ago though, so YMMV.

  • Actually it works like a champ. I built a permanent version of the EMSL dark detecting throwie and sealed it with Sugru. It's probably one of the prettier hacks I've done, and beats duct tape. Pic at: http://bit.ly/ne5dQj

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