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  • I've written a tutorial on how obtain TTL levels from RS232 camera without level converters, by removing only the MAX3232 on the board: http://www.settorezero.com/wordpress/modding-telecamera-rs232-jpeg-linksprite-ls-y201/ Camera has also a composite video output, suitable for a PAL tv

  • I've just published a simple alcool tester using this sensor, a pic12f683 and the Sparkfun DEV-10936 bargraph breakout board:


  • 30A of maximum current rating and the 6A value in the note are the total or are the value for only one motor?

  • You have forgotten to include two empty pads between an antenna pad and ground: useful to solder an external capacitor if one wants to use the ID-2. Dont't forget ID-2 has no internall antenna and then requires an external coil + a tuning capacitor.

  • Yes. Put pin 7 to GND and connect pin 9 of the module to RX pin of the pic. Set the UART to 9600 bps, 8 data bit and then get the data

  • If pin 7 is tied to GND, module will use a serial output compatible with RS232 (9600,n,8,1) and then pin 8 must be disconnected and pin 9 is data out

  • Hi, I've written a simple software for testing with Innovations ID-12 and ID-20:
    More info on the download page. Hope it's useful, leave me some comments if you use it.
    Bernardo Giovanni

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