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  • Yes it is, and it will power an uno. There’s a bit more info on the copy over at the product page for the board

  • Yes, it comes with 3m adhesive tape.

  • This board is designed around constant current LEDs to act as a sink. However, using the 5 volt pullups allows you to use this board with motors, etc.

  • It’s cheaper; the original price on the old board was $54.95. The $34.95 price is to clear out the old stock. what the page looked like a couple months ago.

  • Unfortunately no. This thing is only an SPI slave, not a master, which would be required to work in reverse, unless by some weird chance your lcd can be a master.

  • It improves the workability and strength of the solder, doing what lead did in older, more toxic solders.

  • Power consumption, for one. Connected over bluetooth, when they’re always going to be in the same enclosure, means you need to power two transceiver chipsets, plus the protocol overhead, etc. Additionally, by hooking it up this way, you have the ability to power the SPOT only when you need to send a message, again meaning you can leave it alone for a longer period of time.

    Ease of testing and debugging is another reason. Because there are less communication steps involved, you can much more readily diagnose what the problem is. Using bluetooth means that if something’s going wrong, you have to test each bluetooth transponder, plus the links between, each of which is a potential point of failure.

    Yes, if you’re going to be carrying it around, then using a bluetooth shield may be more useful, but at the same time, there are a lot of purposes where bluetooth would just be wasted mass.

  • You may want to check your local auto parts store. They usually have replacement ignition switches in the $10-$15 range.

  • DB9 and RS-232 are still pretty common for geekish pursuits; serial’s quick cheap and easy. For the PS/2 port, as all it wants from said port is power and ground, you could either perform surgery to snip off the ps/2 connectors to apply power directly, or snag a din-6 female connector if you don’t want to go chopping up hardware you haven’t tested yet.

    But in general concept, I agree. There are lots of USB readers that’ll handle track 3 cards for less than this, SFE should carry one of them.

  • It’s a three track reader.

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