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  • By the looks of the comments above i dont think it works with
    WRL-09976 xbee shield. Not without stuffing it anyway.
    I was wondering if the following solution may work for electronic noobs like me.
    Buy the following.
    BOB-08276 Breakout Board for xbee module.
    BOB-08745 Logic Level Convertor
    Solder up the break out board and plug in the wifly into a breadboard.
    Power it via the 3.3 volt arduino uno supply.
    Use the logic level convertor to handle tx and rx from the arduino and the wifly board
    Anybody think this would work ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Dont think thats going to work for you.
    You read the binary data from the camera
    covert it to a hex string for serial transmission – this allows it to be displayed on serial port/screen (as you cant display real binary data only a representation of it (hence hex).
    You then read the hex string out and pump it into another program which writes out the binary equivalent of the hex string ie from text to binary, on to your file system being the jpg.
    Sorta like uuencoding from the old newsgroups days.
    Typically pre-conversion text to binary will look like this.
    FFD8FFFE00241500DE03000000000000000000000000000000F0004001090032120B5..... ending with a FFD9
    if you type/cat your file and see it start with ffd9 its wrong as your treating it as text.
    If you hex edit the file you will see ff d8 as the hex string for the first two bytes if its correct.
    Maybe you know this ?

  • There is a utility app written in vb in the software section of their site or maybe here.
    Maybe see if this utility can read the images - you will have to wire it with one of those serial ftdi basics DEV-09716. Jumper the wires and change the temp output to a location that exists.
    That way, you can at least reverse engineer it - as it will write temporary image to the specified location.
    How big are the files your getting from the camera - mine are 47k for a 640x480 image - you are remember to write binary files not text files ?
    With my setup i use openlog sd card system and write the hex code to the serial port which is trapped by openlog - and then i have a vb app which takes the hex code and convert it back to a binary byte. I dont think most sd card systems for arduino work with binary only text. So you will have to convert to true binary.

  • There is some example arduino code on the linksprite site. It has a timeout value for the section where you read the memory buffer off the camera, if you read it too soon - its corrupted. Their example seems to have this problem - if you increase the timeout - it seems to work. It will appear as banding in the image. Which by increasing the timeout will disappear.
    Ive got the camera working on the uno using newsoftserial logging to openlog with the pir sensor acting as trigger - so i guess its running at 5 volts, ive had it running from usb and 6 nimh AA batteries. So far it seems okay, i wish to get the power saving mode to work. Then i want to find some infrared led's to lite up the night with.
    A couple messages up, you talk about 12k - my images are 47k so you must be running in a lower resolution than 640x480.
    Hope this has been of some help.

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