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  • just so I'm clear, this unit uses the 3 axis gyro to detect true up, vs "up" of the board/ic, correct? I'm looking for something that can identify when it's Z axis is pointed straight to the sky, vs the unit being considered "flat" in regards to initial calibration, nor it's speed in a direction (similar to gyroscope apps on the android market place) I suppose more of a rotation detection IC?

  • yes

  • awesome thanks! I'll give it a go. It's really hard finding parts on newark and digikey, as the filters list ranges usually, and then when you view the datasheets, the graphs only usuaully go to 600ma or so.


    HOLY CRAP. you're right! it gives bom counts, cost, schematics...that tool is f'in awesome.

  • can anyone recommend a boost IC that can take this from 3.7v @ 6000mA and convert it to 5v at around 1.5-2A? I need to drive 24 8x8Led Matrixes, that draw around 800ma-1A average, 1.5-1.75A peak.

    I've been looking, but most of the IC's I find that can out put that current are for input voltages of 12V or more.

  • how do you order the max17043's? I can't find them anywhere, I just need the IC's

  • lol

  • late reply, but if you shop around, you can get these for MUCH cheaper.. I just bought 30 of the bi color 8x8's for 99 cents each...

  • No, they mean Dual Color, as in a Red LED, and a Green LED. Not tri color, red, green, blue, not quad, two LEDs. Does your car have 3 headlights? On, Off, and High beam?

  • If you look at the bottom, there are pin numberes in the epoxy. rule of them, if you hold the display so the black model number on the side is facing down, then pin 1 will be bottom left, but hold it upside down and look for yourself (I'm going off the Sure Electronics LE-MM103 displays)

  • As Sparkfun is out of stock, if you need to purchase these you can get them for ~1$ each from sure electronics, FYI just bought 30 for 9.99/10.

    Check that. I just tried the ones I got, they're common Anode, not cathode like these.

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