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  • breakout board please :]

  • asdfsdfasdfasdfasdfasd:
    What an ignorant thing to say. You probably don't know a whole lot about electronics if you 'just built a computer a few months ago.' It's really not hard to put a computer together. Sorry. Also, N'gg's promotions are nothing like this promotion.
    How would using Akamai help with a load test on Sparkfun's servers? If you'd 'ever had a job in computers' (to copy your arrogant tone,) you would know that hosting a majority of the files somewhere else would be completely counter-productive for the purposes of this test. That's what this was, after all, a LOAD TEST. Not a gimmick, not some scheme to make you cry and rip your hair out when you didn't get your free stuff -- a load test with a perk to people who helped perform it. Well, a possible perk. Either way, you weren't promised anything and if you read the rules you wouldn't be crying.
    Furthermore, calling the community 'adolescent' and then trying to qualify your adulthood by abusing a thesaurus really doesn't make you seem like you know what you're talking about.. it makes you look like a douche. Everyone knows what a thesaurus is. Next time, just say 'pissing contest' instead of trying to think of a way to sound like you're an expert... on, well, anything.
    I haven't bought much from Sparkfun, but advertising other companies here just because you didn't get free stuff is immature. The bit of experience I've had with Sparkfun's customer service has been just as professional and courteous as anywhere else. Also, if you buy your parts from N'egg, you're getting destroyed so badly by markup that I doubt you've ever been in sales, either.
    Rant finished. Good job, Sparkfun.

  • Can I cry because I stayed up until 5AM trying to make it to Free Day and then slept through it? SPARKFUN, YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED TO WAKE ME UP. WHAT A HORRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS
    ;) jk. Maybe next year :D

  • I'd like to see a tutorial on hooking up an MSP430 to a USB FET (such as the EZ430-F2013) via spy bi-wire. I have all these PDIP MSP430's sitting around and no idea what to do with them... since I don't have a parallel port :[

  • "When the dial has returned to the finished state, the center brass column |||exhorts||| pressure on the black pin"
    Come on, pin!!! You know you wanna help us out!

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