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  • NXTreme: _ And if you lost 2 hours in which you could have made another $100 well, sorry:) _
    If you're making $50/hr and you want to spend 2 hours to get $100 of SparkFun merchandise, that would have been pretty easy to do last week.

  • Steve15141: _This was a stupid computer trick. We were all lined up outside the website, like at Wal-Mart at 5:00 am in the morning for a limited number of door busters.
    Well, no surprise when the doors opened it was a total virtual chaos. _
    That's exactly what I had in mind when I heard about Free Day. I'm a bit surprised at the number of people who didn't expect it to be a virtual trampling with a high ratio of empty-handedness to success :-)

  • octanetripledax: _ I would have been totally happy, though, if instead of wasting thousands of dollars on new servers, you just rented some space on the Amazon Cloud. _
    I would have still loaded my cart last night, had my account ready by virtue of the fact that I already have an account, and I still would have checked out the second my time-server-synced clock clicked over past 11:00 A.M. EST. So would tens of thousands of other people.
    I really don't understand the desire to vastly increase the rate at which a finite inventory amount is given away to a tiny fraction of the people who want it.
    Yes, it would have saved you some time. So would noticing the buzz to likely winners ratio and just not bothering to try :-)

  • In the last few days, I read the site and comments on other websites about Free Day and I almost elected not to participate because it seemed like it was nearly certain that the servers would crash.
    Right here on Sparkfun, they said "there will be timeouts." But I loaded a BlueSMIRF Gold and some USB BT dongles into my cart to the tune of $98 and hit "Checkout" at 11:00:03 EST, and refresh x 200. I was sitting at my computer anyway, working on something else. Didn't cost me more than a few minutes of actual activity to try.
    If Sparkfun had installed infinite server capacity, a thousand people with pre-loaded carts (like mine) would have had their orders placed within the average time it takes a human to quickly complete the order process... what, two or three minutes?
    Free Day would have been Free Three Minutes.
    And all that extra capacity installed just to support Free Day would never be used again. I think the folks who didn't know that sparkfun.com was going to slow to a crawl today just weren't paying enough attention.
    If you don't like butting heads with people who want free stuff, don't do it. We all know how it goes, always and forever. I almost never choose to participate because it always goes off like this.

  • oren: It's extremely arduino biased. I honestly can't figure out why people have been making such a big deal about the arduino...
    But AVRs are so stupidly easy to use... AND they're available in DIP packages. You can just stick one in a breadboard and have it talking to the computer in less than two minutes!

    Not if you don't already have a serial port. And, for that matter, a breadboard.
    I think the appeal of the Arduino is strong for people who are just starting with electronics because they like others' Arduino projects. It's the microcontroller and the programmer and the 5V power supply and the connection to the computer you actually have, without having to wire anything at first.
    Plus, once you have the Arduino and are comfortable with the environment, you can just take the chip out and wire it into things and buy a new burned chip from someone, or get the hardware to put a bootloader on it.
    The Arduino is for people who don't know what a BGA is and are launching a new world of possibilities for themselves just by uploading "Blink" and playing with the delay().

  • I know the guy who drew this first and posted it on his Flickr page. Then it blew up ;-)
    It was pretty funny to bring up the page and see this...

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