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  • Beat me to it. :)

  • I'm all in for it, and I know a couple other local SparkFans who would likely love another excuse to stop by your space. Perhaps Geek Ammo would cheerfully send out a link to an opt-in form for pick-up? We might be able to save you a full dozen dollars in total!

  • I got a defective one (this is not a support request, just a statement of relevance). Looking forward to the microview reprogramming tutorial, as I'm a novice, but an ambitious one.

    As a Denver resident, I'd be delighted to save you having to ship me the replacement when it's ready. I suppose that's logistically complex, but if there's a way to make it happen, let me know, and I'll be the first to sign up.

    Congratulations on remaining my favorite company in the world. It's a small accolade, but heartfelt.

  • I had trouble using the leaded solder with my butane torch and found out I should be using flux with that. Since SparkFun can't sell flux right now, I got this solder and it works perfectly.

    As a novice, finding something that just works is awesome.

  • God, I love this iron so much. As a TOTAL novice, I've done well in SparkFun classes, but have had trouble at home. I was using the leaded solder, and it requires flux (which SparkFun can no longer sell). I gave up on that and am using the 0.032" Special Blend solder now. It's excellent with this iron.

    For those asking about torch tips, the tip does still screw off easily and can be used as a torch without it. You can see it disassembled in the current product photo.

    I don't find that it lasts longer than half an hour for me, but I may be using it at a much higher temperature than I need to. As I said, I'm a total novice. It's still the perfect torch for me as I haven't got a proper station set up and need to store things out of the reach of young hands.

  • That's a lovely response. Patent trolling is one thing, but protecting your brand identity is something else altogether. I remain dismayed that such a broad trademark can even exist, but I guess that's just how it is. Still, it makes me wonder about things like this: http://www.amazon.com/Digital-VOLT-Meter-Voltmeter-Multimeter/dp/B005EK3NRS Yellow body, dark grey face, and a price that makes me seriously question its build quality.

  • I don't know how y'all consistently rule so much, but you do. And thanks for that.

  • Good god, you guys take open source seriously. It's amazing and awesome and I deeply respect you for it.