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  • It is not a matter of preference for one vs the other. It is a matter of not liking a change that does not appear to have been necessary. Reversing the pinout creates one more way to fail. i.e when an owner of a prior gps-zed board tries to hook up the bluetooth card used with that board to this new upgraded board and assumes that since these are so similar, they would be laid out the same. bad on my part for making the assumption, bad on your part for making the change. it is a matter of having already soldered the connectors onto the new zed board before noticing this change, followed by confusion when the change is noticed and the resultant setup where the blue tooth board is now hanging out into space vs being on top of the ZED board. Consistency is the expectation. Calling out that change in the hook up guide would have been a nice touch.

  • Just got my hands on this. Had the similar ZED board without the dead reckoning, so thought it would be easy to upgrade. Yes and no: the pin out for connecting the bluetooth board is reversed on this one vs the prior board. Not impossible to solve but it makes me wonder why.

  • This link has details on the motor lackng elsewhere. so, it may be of value to some of you.... http://www.wantmotor.com/ProductsView.asp?id=160&pid=80

  • I was struggling with this motor plus the adafruit motor shield v 1.1 (the old one). Finally got it working by figuring out the coil pairs (red goes with blue) and ( green goes with black) and then not connecting the yellow and white to ground.

  • This might seem like a silly question but what which wires form each coil pair or how would I figure that out. So far, I have white and yellow are ground but what about the rest?

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