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Longtime tinkerer, I build spacecraft hardware.

  • It's just a pre-alpha project of mine at Tinkermill. If there's broad interest, I can start publishing details. I'd like to iterate with a few more alpha users before I put any designs out there...

  • COSMOS is an awesome tool set, with lots of applications for the build and test of embedded products as well as for IoT command and control. I could see the clever folks at SparkFun using this with those killer pogo pin test fixtures they make- as part of an automated test facility that we all hope they need someday (because they're making so many awesome products!!)

    One comment about the cubesat looking thing above (it's roughly correct 1U cubesat dimensions).

    That is a TinkerSat- a platform for making it easy to teach embedded device / IoT which came about through discussions with my fellow members of the tinkermill.org makerspace. It's not really intended to fly in space.

    It's designed to allow you to roll up a collection of plates that could hold embedded devices, breadboards, jumper wires ant the like into a convienient-to-carry and cool looking little package. At present there are plates to hold breadboards, Arduinos of various flavors, and Raspberry Pi. I'm about to build a plate that mounts a Photon, and maybe an Edison as well.

    One thing I hear constantly about people wanting to come work on embedded systems/ IoT at TinkerMill is that they only have limited time available. Managing a bunch of random wires and boards turns out to be challenging. It's not very productive if you use all of your available time in the maker space just trying to get your project running every time you show up...

    Tinkersat was a quick reaction to this problem and it's still just getting some initial feedback from my fellow members.

    As time moves forward and I mature that a bit more, perhaps we'll have more to tell about that platform as well.

  • What became of the mbed new product that was in the first version, then vanished after a refresh (and after a no such product page when clicking the link?)

  • About the ROB-10847 and as I said on that product page:
    "These are really nice, but what would really put them over the top for me would be steppers with a rear shaft as well- that way we could add encoders, handwheels or similar."

  • These are really nice, but what would really put them over the top for me would be steppers with a rear shaft as well- that way we could add encoders, handwheels or similar.

  • Disclaimer- I'm a new customer that placed a ~$70 order for the first time a week ago. I'll be back for more in the future.
    I hope Sparkfun realizes that they can't really cater to the freeloaders of the world- those that claim outrage over not getting their freebies.
    Those folks don't actually buy anything anyway, and that whining and sniveling should go straight to /dev/null.
    For all those that feel that you've "Wasted your time"- get bent. The whole idea is to test the systems and maybe get a reward as a result.
    If your time is too precious to participate in that, then you're stupid to even try, knowing that the massive inrush of leeches is sure to break the system somewhere along the line.
    To whomever made the "Meet a friend for lunch" analogy- that's deliberately misleading. Try "meeting a friend for lunch at a free day in the restaurant." If you time is that precious to you, then skip the adventure and make reservations somewhere else. Duh.
    Thank you for being cool, Sparkfun, and I hope the dumba$$es of the world don't get you down.

  • Made it to the first quiz page, answered the first question (correctly), but by the time it refreshed I got a "Pencils Down!
    Free Day is a wrap, the quiz is done! Here's a rundown of how you did:
    Well that's a bummer :( You didn't qualify for any free money this time around."
    Hopefully that's because all the money is out, not because of a timeout in the quiz.
    Regardless, my hat is off to you, Sparkfun!

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