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  • Does anyone know which relay matches the footprint in the eagle library? I ordered my PCBs using the sparkfun eagle library assuming that the referenced part number would match. I’ve learned a valuable lesson but I need to salvage the situation!

    Which relay would match the footprint? Thanks!

  • Fantastic, this helped a lot. Thanks!

  • I’ve got this hooked up to monitor the power consumption (current & voltage) for a 12V NiMH battery system. It is connected to an Arduino MEGA 2560(5V ADC) and I am having some issues with the current sensing. Regardless of the actual current through the circuit I am reading 0V from the sensor using analogRead() and a digital multimeter. The voltage sensing is operating correctly and I have tested it in multiple setups. Are there any reasons that it would be unable to read current?
    BTW, I have also found someone in a similar situation(http://talk.jeelabs.net/topic/773) but could not find a resolution. Thanks!

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