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  • Jim, was Spocks half brother. He was so entrenced in solving the latest problem he didn't notice the killer robot had silently moved up beside him.

  • Seth was shocked as he saw the alien ship approaching

  • Jimbo,

    Version 1.6 was released quite some time ago. It had problems with identifying and maintaining the USB port connection - especially during multiple connects and disconnects (typical during testing). This required manual configuration and often a reboot to reconnect (a real drag!!!). There has VERY recently been an upgrade released, (i.e. version 1.6.1 - NON-BETA release) that fixes this problem and several other small issues.

    Version 1.6.1 is by far a better product to use. I strongly recommend installing version 1.6.1 and avoid version 1.6.

  • James was horrified when he realized that aliens had invaded his latest project and were about to beam it out of there.

  • Derek, Thank you for your reply. I probably should have added the following; 1) I intend to publish the book myself. I expect the book to be 300 - 400 pages long. 2) The book is highly technical (lots of formulas etc). 3) Having investigated several publishers, I have discovered that an author only gets about 5 - 7 % (of sale price) in royalties.

    This makes the effort to write such a large and technical book not worthwhile. If I self-publish I can distribute the book through many different channels and also I can determine my own price - with close to a 100% of the profits being returned to me, (depending who and how I get others involved in the distribution process).

    There are several different DTP application available, I have considered Adobe InCopy and InDesign but they are very expensive. There are some very cheap options such as Scrivener (approx. USD$40) which I am still investigating. If any one has any comments on Scrivener I'd be very keen to hear of their experiences.

    Thank you again for your input - any further comments would be welcomed.

  • Derek, I am about to start writing a technical book - in the naval architecture space (highly technical topic). My question is what software did you use? Would you use that same software again? - if not, what would you recommend?

  • He stared wistfully at his latest receation, knowing that another failure would spell the end

  • Nathan was so angry he was going to fire the guy. The other guy just didn't want to be noticed.

  • The lights went out so the Sparkfun team decided to party

  • Robert thought this would scare the children for Halloween

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