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  • Jimbo,

    Version 1.6 was released quite some time ago. It had problems with identifying and maintaining the USB port connection - especially during multiple connects and disconnects (typical during testing). This required manual configuration and often a reboot to reconnect (a real drag!!!). There has VERY recently been an upgrade released, (i.e. version 1.6.1 - NON-BETA release) that fixes this problem and several other small issues.

    Version 1.6.1 is by far a better product to use. I strongly recommend installing version 1.6.1 and avoid version 1.6.

  • James was horrified when he realized that aliens had invaded his latest project and were about to beam it out of there.

  • Derek, Thank you for your reply. I probably should have added the following; 1) I intend to publish the book myself. I expect the book to be 300 - 400 pages long. 2) The book is highly technical (lots of formulas etc). 3) Having investigated several publishers, I have discovered that an author only gets about 5 - 7 % (of sale price) in royalties.

    This makes the effort to write such a large and technical book not worthwhile. If I self-publish I can distribute the book through many different channels and also I can determine my own price - with close to a 100% of the profits being returned to me, (depending who and how I get others involved in the distribution process).

    There are several different DTP application available, I have considered Adobe InCopy and InDesign but they are very expensive. There are some very cheap options such as Scrivener (approx. USD$40) which I am still investigating. If any one has any comments on Scrivener I’d be very keen to hear of their experiences.

    Thank you again for your input - any further comments would be welcomed.

  • Derek, I am about to start writing a technical book - in the naval architecture space (highly technical topic). My question is what software did you use? Would you use that same software again? - if not, what would you recommend?

  • He stared wistfully at his latest receation, knowing that another failure would spell the end

  • Nathan was so angry he was going to fire the guy. The other guy just didn’t want to be noticed.

  • The lights went out so the Sparkfun team decided to party

  • Robert thought this would scare the children for Halloween

  • Thanks PocketBrain, - Yes I agree, doing engineering calculations in SI units is a WHOLE LOT EASIER than using Imperial units. I know of one engineer (in the US) who preferres to use Imperial umits (get a load of that) - go figure that one - its beyond me !!!

    While I apprecaite “Stilldavids” response, - I thing the units will be g/mm (the imperial units given are oz/inches) as the motor is producing a torque (thus it is a moment). Joules are units of energy, thus not applicable.

    I note RobertC is deafiningly quiet on this issue - I wonder if he understands it?

  • Robert,

    Thank you for answers to points 1 and 2.

    Your answer to point 3 can best be described as muddled. Firstly I know what a unit is (I’m an engineer). Secondly, I understand unit conversion (I’m an engineer!!). What you mean by “lossy” (sic) is beyond me. Finally you failed to comprehend and thus answer the question, (i.e. point 3) so your response gave no useful information. The US is one (of a VERY small number of countries) that are still stuck with the Imperial measurement system, the rest of the world (thus a great many of your customers!!!) uses the logical and easy to use SI Measurement system, (commonly known as the metric system).

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