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  • FYI, I was just playing around with the Android SensorManager on my Motorola Xoom tablet and found out that it has the BMP085 on board.

  • Thanks for this! I was looking at buying this module for a high-altitude project that I am working on. Any recommendations of a receiver that will function around 120,000+ feet? Assume that the other issues of radiation, temperature, etc are solved.

  • Thanks for the info, I had no idea. Is there any way around this? Preferably one that doesn't end in jail time. :)
    (Yay for commenting on an 18 month old post.)

  • Windows 7<br />
    Install WINAVR<br />
    Look at your PATH variable<br />
    I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn't ping a network address from the command line, when I finally decided to look at my PATH variable. What was there?
    The installer seems to have removed every other part of my PATH variable.
    I would recommend making a copy of your PATH before installing WINAVR.
    Good tutorial! I finally got the ATmega328 working with this program before moving onto the next tutorial where I fried it. But, got it all working on a new chip.
    Hope the PATH advice helps.

  • What is the total length and height? I am trying to figure out how many I would need to cover an 8'x4' surface.