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  • I really enjoyed reading this, and would love to try a similar build. Perhaps one with multiple microcontrollers and a Pi compute module for an ultimate on-the-go development box.

    I am also interested in the unpopulated boards, as it would be a great confidence-builder in designing my own.

  • Maybe I missed something, but couldn't this be done with a cron script a bit easier insead of a Python script?

    */5 6-20 * * * raspistill -o /path/to/image.jpg

    Instead of running the command directly, call a script that stores the current date and time in a string and uses that to create the directory and file name convention that you are using.

  • Nowhere in this page is the link to Sparkfun's tutorial landing page:

    I struggled trying to figure out how to use it for a night until a separate Google search with just the right search string pulled up that tutorial page. The tutorial page doesn't come up using the Sparkfun search bar, either. Shouldn't this be linked in the description or in the related documents?

  • This might look really awesome if that string was EL wire and the lights were turned out.

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