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  • I'm having some trouble using the detector with a strip off ws2801 LEDs. I'm triggering the LEDs from the gate output. When the LEDs are plugged in it seems to cause feedback to the sound detector. I'm not sure how. Probably need an o-scope to debug this. I tried adding a cap on the led power lines but it didn't change anything. Anyone have a suggestion why this might happen?

  • Really nice job. Good stuff!

  • The minions listened intentely as Dr Gru outlined his plan to steal the moon

  • "And just remember, when your buddy is spraying the foaming insulation dont stick your head in the way."

  • Yes you can think of it as a regular ole POT.
    Internally its just a bank of resistors in a ladder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistor_ladder) which are switched in and out to achieve the resistance requested over the SPI interface.

  • Here's a library that to use with this POT.
    I wrote it when i used an MCP4161 in a project of mine. The chip featured on this page is a 4131 but the protocol is the same, so the library should work. If not, you could tweak it to work for both chips and submit a pull request.

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