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  • I posted an example project right below your comment.

  • Sure you can. No restrictions.

    Check out the instructable I linked to above.

  • The resistance between two points on a surface is pretty meaningless. The only meaningful way of describing the resistance of a surface is as the area between two lines. Take two pieces of copper tape and place them perpendicular to each other so that the surface between them is a square (distance between the strips and strip length is equal). Now measure the resistance between the two strips. That’s the resistance per square for that surface.

  • I wrote an instructables using this material. If I get around to it, I’d like to add instructions for a more basic version, but you can get an idea of how to work with this stuff here:

  • please do not use this to replace the DEV-10116 version.

    it removes the most interesting feature of the regular board (wireless programming) and gives me on-board USB programming, which really is not something this board needs (imo at least). Also, having 8 analog inputs is another reason I love the regular Fio.

    Anyway. The Fio is my favorite Arduino, and this here, to me, is a downgrade. So please do not consider this as a replacement unit.

  • some of the info you are looking for can be found here:
    (together with a much better picture)

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