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  • I really dont like this product. I expected to be able to wear it, and use it for precision soldering work, but the headband is uncomfortable, and the focal point is around 2 inches from the board.
    If you try to solder wearing this, it cannot be done without feeling the heat and vapour of the iron almost touching your nose :-)
    My advice is to find something else, and use this only for inspecting joints.
    Id also recommend instead, the "Illuminated LED Eye Loupe" which doesnt have the headband, and is a little more comfortable to use (although still not suitable for soldering, just inspection)

  • I know the 'LM317 Calculator' is a third party site, not run by SparkFun.
    but this calculator only lets you input R1 and R1 and get output voltage, whereas I needed to input VOUT and R1, to get R2
    Could I recommend this link?
    The site isnt as pretty as the existing one, but has two calculators depending on your needs :)

  • Nice buttons, I could sit clicking these all day.
    Infact I think I will :)

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