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  • Looking at using these on a costume will be about 30 of them all need to be turned on at the push of a button....would this be safe for a costume they will be in a plastic enclosure....

  • Is this right
    IN1 & 2 - From my Arduino Uno
    NC - ???
    GND - ground of some kind
    OUT1 & 2 - To my door lock power +/-
    HV and HVG - I take it thats where I wire my 12v power supply to power my Door Lock...
    Sorry i'm rather unsure how to do this...

  • just to verify does this fit the arduino uno?

  • Hey, I have no knowledge of using an arduino as im new to it as well, but from what i can tell you can buy the chip that is used on the arduino uno and program it....hope this helps

  • Just wondering when these will be back in stock, as im gonna place my order on tuesday when i get payed....

  • Does this work as a simple plug and view camera, I realise I have to soldier it to a breakout board first.
    I wish to use it in the security system I am experimenting with...

  • Hey are you guys able to take a photo of this el wire in use as I would like to see the colour...in a dark room if possible...its for my torn costume...thanks

  • Just wondering, what is this board used for...I read the description but can't figure it out...

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